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HyperSpin Ready 2TB EXTERNAL Hard Drive HDD with OVER 150+ systems

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Product Description


This is a custom external 2TB Hyperspin Drive packed with many systems already preconfigured. Only high quality drives are used such as Toshiba, Western Digital, or Seagate.

Windows 7 Compatible - Windows 10 (mostly) Compatible
Windows 10 may have some issues with certain emulators such as N64/Dreamcast. Hyperspin has been updated to work with Windows 10 Latest Build
Most systems are PLUG AND PLAY once you've followed the instructions included on the drive. However, If you wish to run this in an arcade cabinet or other setup you must be familiar with how Hyperspin works to map joysticks, cabinet controls, etc. I encourage you to try setting up the base Hyperspin software on your own prior to purchasing this as this drive provides the convenience after you know what you are doing.
The HyperSpin drive I’m sending you needs to be on Drive D, the drive itself includes instructions on how to configure it to be D.
Once you install the drive in a PC, visit the Arcade folder and start HyperSpin.exe to start playing.
This is preconfigured to work with an XBox controller. This can all be changed if you're familiar with HyperSpin config as well.
All game videos are present and previews are very detailed for games.
If you have questions about setup I can provide support! I have built MAME cabinets in the past for home use with a HyperSpin setup.
*Easy to upgrade your own ROMs or Content**
You must be knowledgeable or you can make the drive unusable.  Proceed at your own risk!
**All the basic upfront setup and programming has been done for you**
**Use a Keyboard or Controller - You can even use a PS3 or Xbox Controller via USB or Bluetooth 
You are paying for the physical external hard drive and time spent built, configuring, and creating documentation for this setup, not any of the content contained on the drive.
List of Games Configured:
AAE 62 games
American Laser Games   14 games
Amstrad GX4000   25 games
Atari 2600    648 games
Atari 5200  72 games
Atari 7800  58 games
Atari Jaguar 54 games
Atari Lynx 75 games
Bally Astrocade 48 games
Bandai WonderSwan 112 games
Bandai WonderSwan Color 94 games
Casio PV-1000 5 games
Colecovision 140 games
Commodore Amiga CD32    10 games
Creatronic Mega Duck 9 games
Daphne 64 games
Doujin Games 53 games
Emerson Arcadia 2001 55 games
Entex AdventureVision 4 games
Future pinball 375 games
GCE Vectrex 42 games
HBMAME 1495 games
Locomalito Games 9 games
Magnavox Odyssey 2 99 games
Mame 30509 games
Microsoft MS-DOS 88 games
Mugen 94 games
NEC PC Engine 159 games
NEC PC Engine-CD 10 games
NEC PC-FX 11 games
NEX SuperGrafx 5 games
NEC Turbografx-16 94 games
NEC Turbografx-CD 46 games
Nintendo 64   303 games
Nintendo DS 50 games
Nintendo Entertainment System   886 games
Nintendo famicom 364 games
Nintendo famicom Disk System 91 games
Nintendo Game Boy 834 games
Nintendo Game Boy Advance 1129 games
Nintendo Game Boy Color 535 games
Nintendo GameCube 20 games
Nintendo Satellaview 67 games
Nintendo Sufami Turbo 15 games
Nintendo Super Famicom 524 games
Nintendo Super Game Boy 145 games
Nintendo Virtual Boy 31 games
Nintendo wii 11 games
OpenBOR 15 games
PacMame 324 games
Panasonic 3DO 45 games
PC Game 79 games
Pinball Arcade 1 games
PopCap 64 games
Sammy Atomiswave 27 games
ScummVM 13 games
Sega 32X 33 games
Sega CD 158 games
Sega Dreamcast 316 games
Sega Game Gear 535 games
Sega Genesis 941 games
Sega Master System 332 games
Sega Mega Drive 32X 33 games
Sega Model 2 57 games
Sega Naomi 177 games
Sega Saturn 239 games
Sega SG-1000 73 games
Sega Triforce 2 games
SNK Neo Geo CD 90 games
SNK Neo Geo Pocket 10 games
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color    40 games
Sony Playstation 1 Single Disk 1666 games
Sony Playstation 1 Multi Disk 197 games
Sony Play Station 2 games 21 games
Sony Playstation Minis 20 games
Sony PSP 10 games
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 878 games
Taito Type X 58 games
Watara Supervision 63 games
Wow Action Max  5 games
Zinc 78 games


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