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Is a controller required to play games on our Preconfigured Hyperspin Hard Drive?


An xbox like controller (wired or wireless) or x-arcade joystick is required so you can play games and they will work right out of the box with our Pre-configured HyperSpin HardDrive.  We own both xbox controllers and X-Arcade joystick and play games with them every day.  Hyperspin use joytokey to make the controllers work for your Arcade Gaming PC.  If you are not familiar with how to use joytokey, then you absolutely should get an xbox controller (wired or wireless) or x-arcade joystick;  otherwise it will not work for you. If you use any others beside an xbox controller or x-arcade joystick, you will need to google the configuration yourself, go to joytokey web site or Hyperspin forums. The Microsoft wireless receiver support up to 4 controller at the same time.  You can have up to 4 players if a game support this feature.  Just add more xbox controllers or x-arcade joystick.

You can also use a keybord to play games but very difficult.

In summary: an xbox 360/one controllers are the absolute best way to play games, x-arcade and all other joysticks being second best, your own usb joystick will probably work and will required special programming on your own.   I highly recommend xbox 360 over all others!