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What is RocketLauncher?

RocketLauncher is not just a launch solution. RocketLauncher is an abstraction layer that ultimately sets the standard in emulators and standardizes key mapping commands. Pause is the dream of any emulator menu. The modules break the barriers of compatibility. Rom Mapping solved the lives of collectors. RocketLauncher is definitely the last word in matters of emulators. The choice of Front End has become a matter of mere affinity for design. And besides, you are not forced to follow a single solution, like MESS, you keep using your favorite emulator. 

Key Things to Remember when using RocketLauncher:

1) RocketLauncher is to make it easier for new users to launch emulators and games/applications. You never compile any of RocketLauncher's modules. This is important to remember. They are not meant to be run as stand-alone scripts.

2) RocketLauncher only require setting up rom paths and emulators across multiple Front Ends once. You are free to try many front ends or keep multiple installed and switch between them, but launch everything the same setup! Because RocketLauncher handles launching, you do not need to have, whatever front end you use, handle this. This also frees the Front End devs to concentrate on their product, rather than worrying about launching emulators which is a very tedious process considering emulators are constantly updated and often requires changes to launch them.

3) RocketLauncher is to add many features to emulators that the original devs did not give access to. For example, per-game configurations, bezels, global pause, media access to a game's assets from within the game itself. The list goes on and on.

4) RocketLauncher is a community based on making highly customized solutions to handling emulators.

5) RocketLauncher is modular. This means that each system has a different mini script that users can download on a per emulator basis. A new user can simply download the module for the emulator and that's it. New modules will be found by using RocketLauncherUI's update feature.

6) RocketLauncher has a GUI counterpart called RocketLauncherUI. This makes editing RocketLauncher settings super easy and fast.

7) RocketLauncher uses Plugins to know how to read database and media data from your Front End.

8) RocketLauncher is a command line program that Front Ends call to launch emulators for cleaner launching and exiting. RocketLauncherUI can be used as a Front End on its own to test and launch your games and applications from.