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HyperSpin 8TB INTERNAL Hard Drive MAME SNES Atari retro bartop Arcade Games HDD

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Product Description

BRAND NEW 8TB INTERNAL Hard Drive for HyperSpin Systems and Games

Comes with a BRAND NEW 8TB Internal Hard Drive

HyperSpin is a frontend, it is not a game or an emulator.  A frontend is a menu system that can launch other programs and emulators from one menu.  Without a frontend you would have to individually launch each program in Windows.  If you're using an emulator you would also have to find and launch the games you want to play.  HyperSpin simplifies that process by using a system of menus to launch your games.

This 8TB Hard Drive is my collection which includes TENS OF THOUSANDS Systems, Emulators and System ROM Games  !!!  It will take you forever or close to impossible to gather all of the Systems, Emulators and System ROM Games for your Gaming Collection.  Buy this hard drive and save yourself the time, hassle and money.  I will also include a User Guide and instructions to install Hyperspin.

Comes FULLY LOADED with 8TB of HyperSpin GOODIES !!!

To run Hyperspin and all of the emulators & games on this hard drive, you will need to setup a decent compatible PC and Gaming Graphics Card.  Google "hyperspin pc requirements" would be a good place to start.  Also, Google "hyperspin compatible controllers" for your compatible gaming joystick with Hyperspin.

Contact me if you want to see a COMPLETE game list.
Do not attempt to download 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, 8TB, 16TB or any TB of data from the internet.  Depends on your ISP bandwidth, it can take you months.  During the downloads, your internet connection will very slow.  I tried it and trust me, you will not be happy!  It's best to put the data on hard drive and send it to you.


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