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8TB-01 (v1.0)

8TB Preconfigured Hyperspin Arcade Gaming Systems Hard Disk Drive Game List


  8TB-1 HyperSpin System Roms Games

D:\Arcade\System roms\
<8TB Drive>
<Aamber Pegasus>
<Acorn Archimedes>
<Acorn Atom>
<Acorn BBC Micro>
<Acorn Electron>
<ALF TV Game>
<American Laser Games>
<Amiga CD32>
<Amiga CDTV>
<Amstrad CPC>
<Amstrad GX4000>
<APF Imagination Machine>
<Apogee BK-01>
<Apple II>
<Apple IIGS>
<Applied Technology MicroBee>
<Atari 2600>
<Atari 5200>
<Atari 7800>
<Atari 8-bit>
<Atari Age (US) scans>
<Atari Jaguar>
<Atari Jaguar CD>
<Atari Lynx>
<Atari ST>
<Bally Astrocade>
<Bandai Super Vision 8000>
<Bandai WonderSwan>
<Bandai WonderSwan Color>
<Camputers Lynx>
<Casio Loopy>
<Casio PV-1000>
<Casio PV-2000>
<Coleco ADAM>
<Coleco Telstar>
<Commodore 128>
<Commodore 16 and Plus4>
<Commodore 64>
<Commodore Amiga>
<Commodore Amiga Gorilla set>
<Commodore MAX Machine>
<Commodore PET>
<Commodore Plus-4>
<Commodore VIC-20>
<Creatronic Mega Duck>
<Doujin Games>
<Dragon Data Dragon>
<EACA Colour Genie EG-2000>
<Elektronika BK-001-411>
<Emerson Arcadia 2001>
<Entex Adventure Vision>
<Epoch Game Pocket Computer>
<Epoch Super Cassette Vision>
<Exelvision EXL100>
<Exidy Sorcerer>
<Fairchild Channel F>
<Flash Games>
<Fruit Machines>
<Fujitsu FM Towns>
<Fujitsu FM-7>
<Funtech Super Acan>
<Future Pinball>
<GamePark 32>
<GCE Vectrex>
<Hacked Games>
<Hartung Game Master>
<Hector HRX>
<Interton VC 4000>
<Jukebox Songlist>
<Jupiter Ace>
<Konix Multi-System>
<Locomalito Games>
<Luxor ABC 80>
<Lviv PC-01>
<Magnavox Odyssey>
<Magnavox Odyssey 2>
<Magnavox Odyssey 4000>
<Matra Hachette Alice32>
<Mattel Aquarius>
<Mattel Intellivision>
<MGT Sam Coupe>
<Microsoft MSX>
<Microsoft MSX2>
<Microsoft MSX2+>
<NEC PC Engine>
<NEC PC Engine-CD>
<NEC PC-8801>
<NEC PC-9801>
<NEC SuperGrafx>
<NEC Turbografx-16>
<NEC Turbografx-CD>
<Nintendo 64>
<Nintendo 64 DD>
<Nintendo 64 Japan>
<Nintendo BS-X Satellaview>
<Nintendo DS>
<Nintendo Entertainment System>
<Nintendo Famicom>
<Nintendo Famicom Disk System>
<Nintendo Game and Watch>
<Nintendo Game Boy>
<Nintendo Game Boy Advance>
<Nintendo Game Boy Color>
<Nintendo Gamecube>
<Nintendo Pokimon Mini>
<Nintendo Power>
<Nintendo Sufami Turbo>
<Nintendo Super Famicom>
<Nintendo Super Game Boy>
<Nintendo Virtual Boy>
<Nintendo Wii>
<Nintendo Wii Light Gun>
<Nintendo WiiWare>
<Nokia N-Gage>
<Panasonic 3D0>
<PC Games>
<Pecom 64>
<Philips VG 5000>
<Philips Videopac Plus G7400>
<Phillips CD-i>
<Poineer Palcom Laserdisc>
<Retro Gamer Magazine>
<Run N Gun>
<Sega 32X>
<Sega ages roms>
<Sega CD>
<Sega Dreamcast>
<Sega Game Gear>
<Sega Genesis>
<Sega Magazines>
<Sega Mark 3>
<Sega Master System>
<Sega Master System Import>
<Sega Mega-CD>
<Sega Megadrive>
<Sega Model 3>
<Sega Pico>
<Sega Saturn>
<Sega SC-3000>
<Sega SG-1000>
<Sega Tec Toy>
<Sega Triforce>
<Sega VMU>
<Sharp X1>
<Sharp x68000>
<Shmup wheel>
<Sinclair ZX Spectrum>
<Sinclair ZX81>
<SNK Neo Geo CD>
<SNK Neo Geo Pocket>
<SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color>
<Sony Playstation>
<Sony Playstation 2>
<Sony Playstation Minis>
<Sony Pocketstation>
<Sony PSP>
<Sony SMC 777>
<Sord M5>
<Super Nintendo Entertainment System>
<Super Nintendo Entertainment System Hacks>
<Taito Type X>
<Taito Type X2>
<Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer>
<Tangerine Oric>
<Texas-Instruments TI-99-4A>
<Tiger Game.com>
<Tomy Pyuuta>
<Tomy Tutor>
<Touhou Project>
<Tsukuda Othello Multivision>
<VM Labs NUON>
<VTech CreatiVision>
<VTech Socrates>
<VTech V.Smile>
<Watara Supervision>
<WoW Action Max>

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8TB Hyperspin Hard Drive

2 x 8TB = 16TB


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8TB Hyperspin Hard Drive #1


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HyperSpin 8TB System Roms Game List - Drive N (2)




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